Thursday, February 23, 2017

Do NOT send your press release as a PDF attachment

It happens every day in every newsroom. Reporters and editors have to take precious time to download and open a PDF with a press release. Not every newsroom has the software to do that.

Public relations firms, governmental agencies, non-profits, businesses - so many people are guilty of sending a press release the wrong way.

If you want your press release considered for use, then you have to send it correctly. It needs to be sent in the body of the email. Photos, graphs and ancillary materials can be sent as a PDF, but NOT the press release.

The reason so many people send it as a PDF is that they don't want the content changed. Well, if you want the release used, it has to be in a format where the text can be accessed. The editor may have to change your words. Just get over it!

MARKETING TIP: If you want your press release to be used, send it in the proper fashion. Otherwise, it may never even be read.

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