Saturday, March 9, 2019

Protecting your online assets ....

Here's a real scenario ... A small business owner hired a marketing company to create and manage a website and social media sites. Well, the customer never received the access information. Phone calls, emails and texts to the marketing firm were ignored. To avoid this from happening, there are some things you should do before hiring a company.... 

1) Check out the company. Get references. Ask for samples. Do a Google search for complaints.
2) Get everything in writing. That includes all access codes and information.
3) Make sure the sites are in YOUR name, not the name of the company.
4) Make sure the bill for those sites is in YOUR name, not the name of the company. That includes website hosting and any social media ads you buy. YOU want to be the one who pays the bill. If not, your site may go dark from lack of payment.

MARKETING TIP: In today's world, your online message is your most important sales tool. Protect it and your wallet.

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