Monday, February 11, 2019

This blog supports classroom activities

If you're looking at this blog from a phone, you are missing half of the information. For that, I truly apologize. Blogger is trying to help me fix the layout. 

If you are using a tablet, desktop or laptop, then you see that this blog has repeatedly been tapped into by students and faculty from classrooms worldwide. I see that in analytics that are not public.

So if you're on a phone, I invite you to check out this blog from a computer. But the main thing is to scroll through and see if there is anything that trips your trigger. Is there something here you can use? If so, do! It's free. I am always looking around for educational information to post.

That's why I'm sharing my own challenge. We all face them. Right?

MARKETING TIP: When you are creating a website, be sure to see how it looks from IE, Chrome, Opera and other platforms. Also look on different phones, as not all are set up the same. Be sure that your message if fully visible. 

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