Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Creating a positive from a negative ...

Who knew?

Usually when I hear about a holiday festival shutting its doors, it's because of the lack of funding. Parades can't get sponsors. Light shows can't get sponsors. Attractions don't have funding to pay extra staff to work. The list goes on.

But who ever thought that leaves, that's right, leaves would shudder an event.

Oh, that's an event that has a 50-year history!

So what did the organizers do? They put out a plea for help!  "HELP! HELP!" (Click on the hyperlink for the real story.)

There were too many leaves on the ground and the event could not be held. So organizers put out a public cry for people armed with leave blowers!

What will happen in the future?

I just bet that the community will move more quickly to make sure their Christmas light extravaganza takes place - with no leaves!

MARKETING TIP: Embrace a negative situation and turn it into a positive one. Pull your neighbors, your friends and your industry supporters to help, if need be. They will become your biggest and strongest group of cheerleaders and sales team you ever had!

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