Monday, November 23, 2015

Why do I post? Where do I get my content?

I receive a lot of questions about why I have this blog and where I find my content material.

For years, I worked in the N.C. tourism industry and saw numerous people attend seminars on working with the media. The sessions were quite informative. One would think that attendees would go back to their respective attractions, hotels, tourism offices, chamber offices, festival offices, etc. and incorporate their newly-learned knowledge into their promotional activities.


Instead, I saw those attendees bitch, moan and complain that they couldn't get media coverage.

Oh hello!!!!!!

Since my background includes a lot of years working in various TV and radio jobs, plus a few stints along the way in print, I felt compelled to start this blog.

Later on, I began teaching small business promotion classes at community colleges and saw a need for basic business education. That crosses over to festivals, events, non-profits and attractions - as all of them should operate as a business. Many don't.

I started working with small towns, helping them not only tell their story, but also tidy up their operations and consider grants to spur economic development and quality of life.

Where do I get my material? I keep my eyes and ears open. Something as simple as ordering a beverage at a drive-through window may spark an entire discussion. Or, I may pick up an idea during a conversation, or by watching the news.

So I appreciate your reading my blog. It's educational - with absolutely no advertising. If you find something you can use, steal it.

Happy Reading!

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