Saturday, February 18, 2012

Typo? Mis-spelled?

When you're creating your Website, or any printed material for that matter, be sure to get other eyes to double check what you have written. A relatively new Website,, shows the following on the page after you make the click to join ...

Sign up for an invite to join Pinterest.
Email Address Request Invitation Thanks! We'll send you an invite as soon as we can.
In the meantime, checkout some pins.
Pinterest is a virtual pinboard to organize
and share the things you love.

The third sentence is wrong. There is a checkout line - but you check out some pins. This is a simple error, but one that makes me doubt the credibility of A glance through the site indicates there is a PR department, a slew of engineers and a full staff. Yet no one found the error. I hope they do a Google search and find this post and make the correction.

MARKETING TIP: Typos and bad grammar hurt your credibility.


Scott Petoff, BookingCounts said...

I agree that credibility is extremely important on the web, and correct spelling is essential to prove that your travel company is trustworthy. The typo that you point out is quite minor compared with the typical (and quite elementary) spelling mistakes I've discovered on websites for independent hotels, B&Bs, travel deal sites, and local tour companies.

For Pinterest this issue is more easily overcome since they have a large marketing and PR department. For a small tourism business, eliminating typos and spelling mistakes is a critical best practice to convince visitors to make a booking.

I recently wrote an extensive article for BookingCounts about how to conduct a comprehensive travel content spell-check on any tourism website. I encourage your readers to check it out :)

Spell Check Your Tourism Website to Gain Trust and Get More Bookings

-Scott, BookingCounts - Tourism Website Optimization

About Greta said...

Thanks, Scott for your comment and for visiting my blog. I agree with you 100%!