Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Faulty communication

I just had the most fascinating private message conversation on Facebook with a marketing director for a local franchise company. After looking at her firm's FB page, asking her 30 minutes worth of questions and searching the web, I still do not know what her company sells.

On my personal FB page, I list a lot of job openings. Times are tough and I have helped friends secure interviews and new jobs. So the post about this fire safety company was intriguing. It never talked about the product or service, just the benefits of working there.


So I dug trying to find out if this was a legitimate company. I don't want to post bogus information on my page.

I'm still unsure.

MARKETING TIP: Always make sure your product or service is foremost in all of your communication. Be credible with your message. Make sure all your employees know what your products and services are.

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J-Michael Morris said...

I've been to a few interviews for some so-called marketing companies. They are very vague in telling you what they do in the job description. Then you get to an interview and it turns out to be some shady sales thing.