Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Options to giving freebies

Artists, performers, crafters, writers, photographers ... the list goes on.

Too often, they do not feel that their work is worth a price. So they give it away. Shame. I don't believe in the "starving artist."

I suggest that artists and crafters always charge a fee or request something more than the obligatory sign or program thanking donors. And then, those signs only usually include the top supporters - not the one who gave a beautifully hand-turned raku bowl for auction.

I believe that an artist or crafter should have a tiered price list.
  • Retail - selling directly to the public
  • Wholesale - selling to another business for it to resell on the public retail market
  • Family/Friends/Non-profits - a special price for those people who are your absolute worst customers - the ones who shame you into giving at least one piece of your work
There is an option, however for non-profits. I recommend creating some type of criteria for your gift. You may ask an organization to apply to you for a donation.
  • You may require an organization to focus upon your work through press releases and media interviews.
  • You may choose 2-3 organizations to support - and that's it. No more.
MARKETING TIP: Be upfront and honest with customers - including non-profits, friends and family. You cannot work for free. So be sure to either be paid in money or in a fashion where a lot of potential new customers will see your work and your pretty face.

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