Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Fundraising? Use your noggin.

Most non-profits are partially funded by donors. Securing their dollars isn't as difficult as you may think. But, you do need to do your homework and use common sense.

An example of homework is to investigate the foundation, individual or corporation to find out past giving patterns. In the United States, you can do that by reviewing their 990 tax filings.

There are all kinds of tips for successful fundraising. I encourage you to find someone in your community or on your LinkedIn page who has a good track record for raising money. Learn how to be a success - and a failure - before you start knocking on doors.

Building  relationships is important in any kind of work you do. In fundraising, it is especially important to know your audience - the audience of donors. Know who they are, how they function, where they like to spend their free time and what is important to them. Know their granting habits. 

MARKETING TIP: Find out if you are a good match for a gift - before you ask for the deal.

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