Tuesday, October 6, 2015

How do you handle a weak executive director?

I received a call today from a friend of mine who is the chairman of a non-profit. He was lamenting to me some difficulty his organization has had throughout the years with the executive director. The chairman said that the ED was not following the job description and that was causing problems. He went on to say that since the ED is the only employee, that they just cannot fire him. They need to be able to work with him.

Sound familiar?

So I suggested that the executive committee sit down with the ED and listen, really listen, to his complaints and then act upon them. Perhaps he feels overwhelmed. The organization does have funds to hire a second person now. Monies had not been available until now. That told me that the ED is doing something right.

Boards need to listen to staff and EDs. They need to hear what is actually going on so difficulties can be eliminated. People on the outside of an organization will see bumps in the road and not donate.

MARKETING TIP: Charity begins at home - within an organization. If it isn't being run well, potential donors will be able to see problems and give elsewhere. So fix internal strife. Just fix it.

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