Sunday, January 8, 2012

Promoting Your Band ...

Bands are notorious for using MySpace to promote themselves, their sound, their members, their new CDs and upcoming gigs. However, there is a right way to promote - and a wrong way to do it. Here are some thoughts to consider...

WRONG WAY: Do not have an easily downloadable press kit. Make reporters call your agent for the password. Do not have professional photos of your group. Do not have a presence on You Tube so reporters who have never heard of you can listen to a sample of your sound and show. Limit what can be said about your group. Post a lot of images of your group performing. Do not include any close-ups of band members. Do not include your band members backgrounds. Oh, there's no need to update your Website.

RIGHT WAY: Hire a public relations person to develop your online media kit. Hire a professional photographer who specializes in musical bands or portraits (not weddings) to provide you images which are 300 dpi. Print media usually require them. Keep your Website updated. Utilize Facebook and You Tube as well as MySpace and have a traditional Website. Provide images of your band members individually - as well as the group together - with and without instruments. Share information about each member. Fans and reporters like to know a little about the person, not just where the band has played and how many awards you've won.

As a newspaper publisher friend, Patricia Edwards of the Randolph Guide, tells me that she really likes using images the correct size (300 dpi is the standard):
"Something the size of a postage stamp doesn’t work very well. As I like to tell folks: I can make a postage stamp from a poster but not a poster from a postage stamp."

MARKETING TIP: Get your act together! If you are a band or entertainer, spend a little money in creating quality, usable promotional tools. Please!

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