Friday, January 27, 2012

Keeping Current with the Times

A furniture store owner who had been in business for nearly 2 decades realized that he could not do business and advertise as he had prior to 9/11 and the following global recession. So he signed up for classes to learn about social networking.

A non-profit executive director was clueless about how to promote fundraising efforts online, so she took a class. A festival organizer knew he needed to expand his online presence, but didn't know how to do it. He didn't take a class. He depended upon volunteers to help him out - and ultimately got bogged down in the chain of command and who was supposed to do what. So nothing happened. His festival missed out on a free way to reach a lot of people - and the media.

MARKETING TIP: If you don't know about social networking, as many people don't, investigate local classes and sign up. You'll increase your self-esteem because you've learned something new, increase your value to your organization and increase your bottom line. Don't worry. You won't be the only one in class trying to keep current.

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