Monday, December 5, 2011

Tips to Recruit Volunteers

Most small organizations need volunteers. But so often, directors of non-profits are so overwhelmed that they just beg for warm bodies without really taking time to make their needs "volunteer friendly."

Festivals, downtown organizations, chambers and others fall into this category. If you are a person in charge, I encourage you to write down all of the specific activities you need volunteers to do. Then you'll be able to see ways to lump them together. For instance, you may need people to help with poster distribution, developing sponsorship packets or answering inquiries. You don't need someone on your board to do these tasks; instead, ask your board members to help you recruit people for small, simple jobs.

This chamber newsletter has some excellent tips to help you develop a volunteer program. I encourage you to read it and share with others.

MARKETING TIP: The more volunteers you bring into your organization, the more sponsors will recognize your needs and want to be a part of your efforts. And, by increasing the number of volunteers you have, the more effective you can be at your own job!

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