Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Using a Story to Increase Your Sales and Attendance

This was just a plain house in Charlotte, North Carolina. But a saavy real estate salesman figured out a way to make the house sell very quickly.

He researched the past owners and found out who used to live there. Then he called a local TV station and told them. Within a very short time, he had a signed contract.

So what was the magic? The story. CBS reporter Charles Kuralt grew up there. Most Americans over the age of 45 would recognize that name.

The real estate salesman developed the story and pitched it to a news department. They showed the interior and exterior of the home. They talked about the neighborhood. They also talked about the background of the real estate guy and his business.

This wasn't just free publicity - it was a major coup. During this economic downturn, real estate agents worldwide are facing difficult times selling homes. This is a great example of how a story can be used through public relations to increase your bottom line.

MARKETING TIP: Whether you're promoting a festival, small business or attraction, look for the stories. Make 'em good. Share them with those who can help you increase your sales.

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