Monday, August 11, 2008

Now is the time to send info to Christmas guides

You might be wishing for cooler weather in August, but now's the time to be sending out information to Christmas guides. Editors are in their planning stages now and need your information.

I suggest you send a photo or two of what your event looks like to help sell the story. Be sure to include all the pertinant details - your contact information, description of event, hours, cost and a Website, if you have one.

Call to find out who the editor is of the Christmas guide. If you send it blindly to newsrooms, then your email address may be blacklisted so you can't ever send them anything again!

Marketing Tip: Get your plans for the 3 Wise Men, 5 golden rings and Santa finalized now. Fill in the minutia later. Send the preliminary information to Christmas guide editors in August.

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