Monday, August 11, 2008

Distributing Your Press Release

I just got off the phone with a daily newspaper editor. She was complaining because a coliseum in a neighboring town continues to put press releases in attachments. The editor cannot open them.

She says she's called - and emailed - asking for the press release to be put in the body of the email. But, to no avail. The PR person on the other end - at the coliseum - doesn't get it. And apparently refuses to listen.

So, even though there's a big event coming up, the local paper won't be able to run the story - at all. Why? Because it was sent incorrectly.

Marketing Tip: Call the people you're sending releases to and ask them how they want to receive it. Some like email. Some prefer fax or snail mail. Some can open attachments. Many others can't. Otherwise, you're wasting your money - and time.

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