Saturday, August 9, 2008

Myths About Blogs

I find there are two misconceptions about blogs - 1) anyone can post anything and 2) it's a fad. The truth of the matter is that so few people in the tourism industry know anything about blogs. You can set your blog up so YOU moderate the comments. No posts go live without you letting them do so.

And a fad? It's no more of a fad than the Internet, a Website or an email address. Millions of people are using blogs for a variety of reasons. I use them to post educational information. However, attractions, festivals and events, hotels, downtowns, arts councils, retailers and the like can use them as a tool to build interaction between themselves and potential customers. Cyber traffic then converts to walk-in traffic in your business or to your attraction. The end result is revenue.

Look at This site was actually created in lieu of a Website. On the same day I set it up, I created a Google Analytics account for it so I could track usage. Later, I set up the Site Meter. I like using two instead of just one. I learn more about who is visiting the site.

And at the same time, I've sent out press releases announcing the blog (being used as a Website) to encourage more visitation and comments - which are sent to me for approval to be posted. Visitation is up and people are spending an average of several minutes on the site. That's what we want.

This may sound complex, but it's not. Blogger and Wordpress are very easy to use.

Marketing Tip: Shed your fear of blogs and create one. Use it to build a relationship between you and potential/repeat customers.

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