Friday, August 17, 2018

When a parade fails ...

I love a parade. I love the floats,  the clowns, the bands, the girls in their crowns, the antique cars and the positive energy that comes from such an event.

Successful parades need strong leadership, a pot of money to spend and a desire, backed by energy and community support.

I recently learned of a parade in a small town which fell apart this year. The 129-year old event lasted 15 minutes. Attendees madly posted their frustration on social media. 

City leadership said it wasn't their event, that the merchant's association was doing it. 

When things fall apart like this, it is time for new leadership. Either a grass roots effort by local volunteers or an organization that needs recognition should step to the plate.

MARKETING TIP: Everyone loves a great event. When it falls apart, negativity spreads like wildfire throughout a community. That puts a dark cloud over the entire city. To blow that cloud away, and foster a positive atmosphere, new leadership needs to be identified to carry on the event tradition. When that happens, people will return and the result will be the influx of more money locally.

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