Sunday, July 8, 2018

Do you have an action plan for your business? Are you employees aware of it?

Do you have a plan of action for your event or small business? Some people may call this a business plan, but it's much more simple than that.

Event planners need to have a calendar of deadlines for activities, such as contacting potential sponsors, recruiting volunteers and training them and getting the advertising together.

Small business owners need a calender to share with employees about activities within the company. For example, if there is a deadline for a shipment to go out, employees need to know that. Many companies do provide that information, but not everyone does.

A plan of action helps everyone understand, and support, the mission. A published plan, to all employees, help them understand their roles. That is incredibly important. Too often leadership keep the calendar at the top of the corporate pyramid and underlings have to figure out their roles by themselves.

An action plan helps internal communication.

MARKETING TIP: People on the outside of an organization can see if it is running smoothly and that everyone is "in the know." Outside perception is critical to the success of non-profits, events and small businesses. Others want to support organizations that are strong, successful and have a well-oiled engine of supporting and knowledgeable employees. 

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