Saturday, November 24, 2007

November - Blogging Attracts All Ages - and Topics

So you think you're too old to get into blogging? Check out this site. It comes from a 95-year old grandmother who is one of the world's oldest bloggers and is on You Tube .....

Now, how does this relate to your festival, event, attraction or destination? I'm sharing it with you so you'll see that people of all ages blog. And, one idea leads to another. For instance, you could talk about your street festival on a blog - and then digress to other topics - as many established bloggers do. The result is that you've expanded your audience by building a network of people who have things in common.

Oh yea, along the way they'll learn about your event, learn about you and come participate. It's almost a backdoor approach to promoting your event. Hey, talk about your staff, volunteers, what's new and your entertainment. Each topic creates more interest in your event - and translates to increased attendance and revenue.

Marketing Tip - Don't box yourself in. Reach out to the cyber world.

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Eric Shackle said...

Hi Greta Greetings from Sydney, Australia.

You may like to know that Olive Riley, a feisty 108-year-old Australian great-great-grandmother, is the world's oldest blogger. She is probably the world’s oldest YouTuber as well.

Physically frail but mentally alert, Olive raised her three children on her own, survived two world wars , the Great Depression of the 1930s, and worked as a barmaid, an egg sorter, and a station (ranch) cook in many parts of Australia.

Olive’s blog, The Life of Riley, has a huge Internet following. Prepared by her friend, international film maker Mike Rubbo, and based on his interviews with Olive, it attracts hundreds of enthusiastic comments from many countries, and from bloggers of all ages. It’s posted on the Internet at