Sunday, January 6, 2008

January 2008 - New Resolution - Set up a Google Alert!

Do you ever do a Google on your event? Your name? Your organization? Start 2008 by creating a series of Google Alerts to track where your on-line message is. I do a Google Alert on "festival." Here's one that recently showed up in my mailbox:

Google Blogs Alert for: festivals
Rock festivals announce datesThen on July 25-27, the Fuji Rock Festival will be held in Niigata. During the same weekend is SETSTOCK in Hiroshima, set for July 26-27. Lastly, Sapporo's Rising Sun Rock Festival is scheduled for August 15-16.Tokyograph -

To give you an idea of why I suggest setting up an Alert, I submitted a press release for the Seagrove Pottery Festival to various aggrigators. I learned through a Google Alert that the story was included in the Microsoft Playstation Newsletter. For real! You never know where your message will land!

A Google Alert will also let you know how well your local newspapers and TV stations are connected to search engines. Some are. Some aren't. You may get a really good article in your paper about your event - and it will be on their Web site - but not be distributed to Google, Yahoo! and the rest. Not there? Make a few phone calls to your local media outlets and plea your case. Local editors and producers may not be aware of the situation.

What is the impact? Sponsors like contributing to positive, strong and well-promoted events and attractions. If they do an Internet search and find little about your efforts, then they may not be as financially interested in your project. The more play you can get on the Internet, the more it will pay off in the long run!

Marketing Tip - Track your on-line presence. It can make a difference in your bottom line!

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