Thursday, January 17, 2008

January 2008 - Motorcoach Business UP - So GO AFTER IT!

This just came over my Google Alert -

The Canadian Tourism Commission(CTC) reported that:
Motorcoach travel at the end of 2007 “was enjoying a significant rebirth and was expanding throughout the country at the fastest rate in more than 40 years,” according to a new study released by the DePaul University School of Public Service.
The independent research study, titled “The Return of the Intercity Bus: The Decline and Revival of Scheduled Service to American Cities, 1960-2007,” was authored by Professor Joseph P. Schwieterman, PhD and several researchers.
“Our research shows that this growth is being driven by improvements in service and strong consumer demand,” the study reveals. “As a result, more growth will likely occur in the years ahead.”
The study cites several reasons for the positive outlook: “The industry is engaged in more aggressive marketing than in previous years and reaping the benefits of persistently high fuel costs.” Additionally, the industry is capitalizing on its strategic communications campaign “to build awareness that it is an environmentally friendly (’green’) travel choice.”
The study cites many remaining challenges for the industry, from illegal curbside operators to heavily subsidized federal transit systems. But nonetheless, the report concludes, “the intercity bus is again off and running — and regaining respectability among the traveling public.” The full study is available at:
“This study confirms that more Americans are choosing motorcoach travel as congestion worsens, delays and hassles become more prevalent, and environmental stewardship is top of mind,” said American Bus Association president and CEO Peter J. Pantuso.

Marketing Tip: Contact your local tourism office and share this information. If there is a key person there who works with the group market, make that your new best friend for 2008. If your local tourism office doesn't go after the group market, then get on the phone and call your state tourism office. They'll be able to help you - or contact me.

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