Thursday, August 23, 2007

August - Ask About Free Outdoor Advertising

There's a debate regarding billboards. Personally, I like them. When I traveled up and down I-75 between North Carolina and Ohio to Indiana and Michigan each summer years ago, the outdoor boards helped us find lodging, gas and places to eat.

And we often drove the 14-hours straight through, so finding a place that stayed open 24 hours was necessary. The boards were far enough in advance of the exits that we could make a choice.

Not so anymore. The small Department of Transportation signs on interstates announce resting opportunities only at the on-coming exit. No more do you have a choice - except at that exit.

But outdoor boards are often costly. How do you, as a non-profit with a very small budget get around that? Ask your outdoor board sales representative for consideration in letting you pay for the vinyl - and pay no rent on the board. Most companies have a policy in place to help you do that. And the cost may be around $1000 or so for a LOT of exposure. Get a sponsor to pay for it.

It never hurts to ask.

Marketing Tip: Explore outdoor advertising for your event, festival or attraction. Don't be afraid to ask. Pay for the design and vinyl - get the board free.

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