Monday, July 2, 2007

July - A New Way to Attract Volunteers

Let's call this the "back door approach." Start off by creating a blog about your event or festival. Set up a WiFi area, with laptops, so attendees can sit and post their thoughts and photos.

When they walk away, they will have made a connection with your festival or event. They'll tell others about your blog - building traffic to your site. Link your blog to your Web site - and to as many others as possible, including area aggregators. Word about your blog will spread.

How does this convert to volunteers? For your next event, you now have a tool to readily access people who attended your event. They have product knowledge, interest - and are accessible. All you have to do is put your plea for volunteers on your blog.

July Tip - Plan an activity to be held during your event that will pull in potential volunteers for your next festival.

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