Wednesday, August 29, 2007

September - Apply for 2008 Grants NOW

Want a good donor for your event in 2008? Get busy. Your deadline is September 30 to get your applications submitted.

Granting organizations and companies typically go on two different calendars. Those operating Jan-Dec make their decisions on which projects to support in October. Others with a July-June calendar choose in March. So, if you've not done your homework yet to find out which companies get involved in their communities, who the contact person is, how the decision is made and when - then you need to hustle NOW.

Marketing Tip - Complete the paperwork in September for possible grants in 2008.

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Veta Hemric said...

Thanks, I needed this reminder of the dates. I have been working on grant writing for our projects in the Hamptonville area. Would like to know more. Thank you for the info.