Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Cold Call - For Hotel Sales People

Some people hate them - others get off on them. I'm talking about making cold calls. That's where you're prospecting for new business.

In the hotel industry - and with many attractions - sales staff look for new customers in a variety of market segments. They use the phone - and hit the pavement knocking on doors.

Cold calling works. You may or may not make a sale that day, but you can plant a seed, set an appointment or qualify a prospect. You may or may not get in front of the decision-maker, but you may make an impression on the gate keeper who may or may not help you with future calls. Never dismiss the gate keeper. They can make or break you.

And you never know when you're going to stumble into a situation where your services are needed - and you make a sale on the spot. I recall having difficulty with a phone system and hadn't yet taken time to do my research on a new one. A phone rep making cold calls stopped by my office one day and walked away with a signed contract.

But it helps to do your homework. Check out this link of information to help you with cold calling.

MARKETING TIP: Marketing and sales are different, but need to work hand-in-hand. Marketing departments should listen to input from the sales staff who are actually working with customers.

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