Monday, July 26, 2010

Municipalities Using Facebook and other Social Networking Sites

I just talked with an event planner who works for a town government. She doesn't yet have permission to create a Facebook page for her huge event, one which pulls in around 50,000 people for a one-day festival.

Our discussion underscored what so many governmental bodies are wrestling with - how to integrate social networking into government - and create policy. Who posts? What kinds of messages are posted? How is the site promoted? What criteria is used to determine which department uses Facebook or Twitter? Who is in charge? Who is the decision-maker? Who has access?

Having been a former governmental employee myself, I understand all this. It makes bureaucratical sense.

MARKETING TIP: Network with other governmental agencies. Find policy elements which you can apply to your situation. Understand that government works slowly - particularly when it comes to something new like social networking. Be patient. But, press forth. You'll be glad you did.

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