Tuesday, April 10, 2007

April - Share Your Photos

Does you local convention and visitors bureau have copies of your images?

Travel writers, magazine editors, local publications, event driven Web sites, newspaper reporters, researchers, book publishers, authors, phone book publishers, economic developers, hoteliers, state tourism and transportation offices, colleges and universities, real estate companies, large corporations -- and many more typically seek out photos from a local tourism office -- not the event coordinator.

This is called "free publicity" - and you benefit because it can reach potential festival goers year 'round!

Your local tourism office may serve a region, county or town. It may be a stand-alone organization or be part of the chamber of commerce or economic development office. It may have a large or small staff -- but regardless -- it needs your photos.

April Tourism Tip: Seize the opportunity to get additional press in places you never thought possible. Share your photos with your local tourism office today!

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