Wednesday, March 28, 2007

March -Show You Care

When working with your local reporters and editors, do you ever take time to discuss the challenges they face? For instance, newspapers are increasing their use of freelance photographers. So, if you want a photo of your event in the paper, you may not get it. Some major papers may only have a couple of photographers on staff.

Do you subscribe to any of their publications?

The Columbia Journalism Review and the American Journalism Review often discuss the financial aspect of running a paper and how publishers are trying to sustain - and increase - subscriptions.It's rather hard when so many people turn to the Internet - and blogs - for news.

When you read these articles, you get a better appreciation for the position your local news departments face - in print and broadcast. The end result is that when you sit down and discuss some of these issues with your local folks, they, in turn, better appreciate your concern and will most likely want to work with you more closely.

MARCH TIP -- Make an effort to learn about your local media's challenges. Show you care.

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