Monday, March 8, 2021

Smile - it's contagious!

It's been a year since we were told we had to stay at home because of a strange new virus. Now, we are getting vaccines and venturing out. Retail stores and restaurants have become accustomed to curbside service. Most of us have learned that we don't catch colds or flu when wearing a mask. I don't know of anyone who got sick this year. But, I do know of many who had covid and died.

The sun is shining now. It's time to start planning spring and summer outdoor events. They can be at your home or your business. If you want to decorate, save yourself some money and shop second-hand stores. It doesn't matter if they are brick and mortar or online. We have not been able to socialize, so plan a party when it gets warmer.

There are many sites. But I advise you to compare shop. Some prices are higher than others for the same items. You can shop locally either way. Put a smile on your face and a smile on the face of someone else!

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