Sunday, April 7, 2019

Remember direct mail? It's in demand again ...

The Small Business Agency just put out this report - direct mail is the place to spend your advertising dollars.

Why? Millenials, in particular, are flooded with phone messages. They don't get much mail. So the market for post cards, pamphlets, brochures and catalogs is increasing. You develop a campaign that ties your snail mailed piece directly to your website. You have a landing page on your website that is tied directly to the message on your postcard, or whatever.

I am thrilled to see this report. I have said for years that direct mail is the way to go, particularly if you are trying to reach people who live in areas not served by traditional media.

But when you do this, you need to hire a graphic designer who can create something that will attract the attention of the millenials. As the 4th grade teacher found in her classroom study, Instagram is a great place to be. So you design your ad as if it is an Instagram post. We don't have a long attention span anymore, so sell your item with photos. Include a millenial in them. Hire a commercial photographer who can capture the image to make it sell your service or product. Where do you start? Check this out ...

MARKETING TIP: Old is new again. Revisit it. Tweak it. Target a new audience. 

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