Friday, April 5, 2019

Always be up front and honest with your media ...

This blog was originally designed to help festival and event organizers. Since, it has expanded to small businesses and non-profits. My view is  that all of these must function as a small business.

But so should vendors who attend festivals. That includes star attractions - bands, hot air balloons, cooks, etc. Today, I found this interesting post about why hot air balloons should not fly at festivals. It's all about safety. 

Weather and terrain of the land play a huge factor when pilots go up. Winds could suddenly change. I saw that happen in Statesville, North Carolina, years ago. The wind on the ground was still. But 100 feet up in the air, there was a dangerous current of wind that gave pilots a real challenge. 

So how do you handle this with your public relations? Be honest. Always be honest and have the message come from your point person. TV stations love to show hot air balloons in flight. They are beautiful. But, the science behind it is that safety comes first.

MARKETING TIP: Always be up front and honest with your media. They need to know what is going on so they can share it with their readers and viewers.

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