Sunday, April 8, 2018

Writing a grant proposal? Tell your story ...

Writing a grant proposal? The best way is to tell your story.

For example, a food kitchen provides a daily meal to homeless people and needs funding to buy food and pay the utilities.

Would the grant start with the need for 25 cases of spaghetti sauce, 50 cases of pasta, 20 cases of canned mushrooms and 15 cases of dried Parmesan cheese? No. Granted, you're telling the need, but you can do it in a much more compelling way.

You can say... In winter, Harry R. lives in a homeless shelter. His employer closed the manufacturing plant three years ago and Harry has not been able to find work since. He suffers from disabling depression. In summer, he lives in a tented community nearby. He is just one of the people we serve a fresh, hot meal to each day.

Harry's ability to get a meal is in jeopardy because we are running low on funds. We have not received donations this year as we had expected because two other food kitchens have opened up in our county. They are 30 minutes from this one, but have tapped into our regular donors. So we need help.

Do you see the difference?

MARKETING TIP: When you're in the process of applying for a grant, tell the story, not only in the grant application, but to your local media. The goal is for the grant decision-makers to learn about your plight through various channels.

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