Sunday, April 1, 2018

Buying a domain name

A domain name is one of the most important marketing tools any company or non-profit can ever have. It has to tell what your company/organization does or sells, be memorable and be short. Simple.

Yes, you can have more than one domain name. A marketing strategy is to use different domain names for various products. For example, a tourism promotional organization can use one domain for restaurants, hotels and attractions - and use another for events. It can use different domains for each of the attractions. Why? The answer is to be able to mine the website analytical data to increase sales. Bottom line.

So where do you go to buy a domain name? For me, there is only one place - Go Daddy. I use that company because it is located in the United States. There are people there who have lived in my state and know where my city is. They may speak with my dialect - and they're open 24/7. I'm not talking with anyone off shore. (And, this is an educational portal with no advertising.)

As you're setting up your company or organization, buy your domain name as fast as you can. There are really bad people in this world who monitor searches for domain names and will buy them up when they see one being frequently tested for ownership.

I just saw a $.99 special for a domain name. I waited 30 minutes and the special was gone, increasing from 99 cents (USD) to $11.99. I just lost $11.

MARKETING TIP: Your domain name is incredibly important. Delaying its purchase is not always wise. 

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