Friday, April 10, 2015

Cell phone? How do customers find your number?

Do you use a cell phone for your business? If so, how do people find your number? 

If you have a strong web presence, then yes, you can be found. But what about the business owner who has little to no web presence? How does he get new business?

Granted, phone books are history. Current generations don't even know what they are. Land lines are soon to be history, even though I feel they have much better reception and reliability. I hate talking with someone on a cell phone because the pitch hurts my ears. It's very difficult for me to usually understand what is being said on the other end of the conversation.

Cell phones are sexy. People have to have the latest one, the one with the most apps, the greatest memory and speed.

But all of that isn't really necessary when you're trying to get your own business phone number out in the public's eye.

MARKETING TIP: If you're using a cell phone for your business, put as much energy into promoting the number online as you do playing with your apps and gadgets. 

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