Friday, March 27, 2015

Promote your own booth in an antique mall

I recently talked with the owner of an antique mall who said he didn't believe in updating his website or increasing his web presence. WHAT??!! He said that when people type "antiques" in his city, his site shows up first along with a map.

I wonder if his booth vendors know that.

So if you're a booth vendor, you need to be out there promoting your own place. Use every online mechanism you can. If the management of your mall isn't going to bend over backwards to promote the store, then it's your responsibility to do it as you show your own items. Let the management know what you're doing.

In the long run, you'll sell more items and your store will make more money. Then negotiate the cost of your booth.

MARKETING TIP: Never rely upon someone else to promote your own company. You need to be out there in the marketplace - too.

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