Wednesday, September 18, 2013

LinkedIn is a great portal to connect with peers and learn

LinkedIn is often overlooked as a resource for small business owners and festival organizers. So many understand Facebook because it's so well advertised. Everywhere you look you see someone's FB logo. But you don't see that with LinkedIn. Why? Because LinkedIn is completely different from Facebook. The purpose is totally different.

I view LinkedIn as a personal and business development portal. I can join groups, such as small business, art, festivals/events, human resources, marketing or whatever. Once inside the group, I can ask questions - and answer others. I use LinkedIn as a place to seek advice and bounce ideas.

It's a wonderful platform to learn from others and share knowledge. We should all consider seeking out as many opportunities to learn from others in our chosen fields. I highly endorse the use of LinkedIn.

MARKETING TIP: Knowledge is power - and money in the bank - if you use your knowledge wisely. Continue your learning process by joining LinkedIn and get active on the site.

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