Monday, July 9, 2012

Backing Up Your Files - Cloud Technology

We're well into the summer festival and travel season. Did you get some photos you really liked? Did you post them to Facebook? Super! That's a great way to share them with all your friends.

However, what happens if Facebook comes along and deletes your account? It happens. If you were planning on using those pictures to promote your event later on, they're gone forever.

MARKETING TIP: Develop a habit to save all of your valuable photos on your hard drive or an external hard drive. Do not just leave them on a social networking site. And at the same time, remember the rule of thumb is to back up your own hard drive in 3 places: in your computer back-up system, in some type of external system and keep a back-up outside of your building (home, office, apartment). Fire, theft and flood can wipe you out. Check with your IPS provider to see what kind of cloud technology is available. Use it.

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