Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Using a Cell Phone for Personal and Business Use?

Does something look amiss with this light fixture? Yes, it's broken and needs to be fixed. Any outsider can see that. The same can happen with your non-profit or your for-profit.

True story. I am now doing some stringing work for a newspaper and have been assigned a story. It's about a new business. Naturally, the phone number is not yet listed with National 411 Directory Assistance, but is listed - I think - on the company's Facebook page.

So I called. I got a personal message. "Hello. This is Michelle. Please leave a message. I will try and return your call." Oh dear. Just like the broken light pole, this message sounds like someone who needs classes on how to operate a small business - otherwise it is doomed for sure.

Sorry, but a personal message on a business phone doesn't cut it. A business of any kind - festival, event, non-profit, for-profit - needs a dedicated phone number to the business and should be answered in a professional manner. I found this same scenario with another article I was writing earlier this month, where the owner of the business keeps the cell phone with him all the time, but he's never in the store.

MARKETING TIP: If you want customers, be available by phone. Have a dedicated line to your company and call National 411 Directory Assistance to be included. Answer your phone in a professional manner with the name of your company or your full name and return calls. Otherwise, get a job working for someone else.

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