Monday, July 23, 2012

Please Include in Your Press Release

If you're sending out press releases for a festival, event or small business, here are some things to keep in mind to include:

Phone number and contact name - John Doe and 555-55-5555 (yes, include area code)
Physical street locations - i.e. 125 Second Street N.W.
City and state - Do you know how many Lexingtons or Sidneys there are in the world?
Who are you? - Don't assume everyone knows about your festival, event, town, location, or business. Explain what your festival, event or business is known for or the services/products offered.
Website - if you have one but make sure it is current
Photos - 300 dpi 1500 pixels (images taken by a professional photojournalist are especially useful)

MARKETING TIP: If you want news about your festival, event or small business spread to potential customers and you're sending information to the press, make it easy for them to help you. Include necessary information.

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