Monday, April 2, 2012

Hey Bands and Entertainers - Get Some Promotional Pics That Can be Used!

I'm pulling my hair out. Just because you can increase the size of your photo on your computer does not mean it is suitable for magazines and newspapers. Images need to measure 300 dpi and 1500 pixels, or 300 dpi and 5 x 7 inches. After all, print editors work in inches.

If you are an entertainer of any kind, you need a professionally produced image which has been shot in a professional studio by a professional photographer. I encourage you to have a vertical and a horizontal image. Make sure your agency or promoter has access to the large format to share with PR people, like me, and with print folks. If not, your mug shot won't ever see the ink.

MARKETING TIP: If you want to help festival organizers and event planners promote your talent, please, please, please give us the proper tools. A photo really does equal 1,000 words - if it's usable.

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