Monday, September 26, 2011

Business Plan

Do you want to grow your business, festival or attraction? Do you have a business plan?

I mean a document that addresses your cost of running your own business, producing a festival or operating an attraction? Where will your money come from? What is your goal? What are your plans?

The plan focuses upon either starting - or growing - your bottom line. It talks about your competition and shows you how you can either partner with them or find a niche. It identifies your growth goals and shows how you get there. A business plan shows you where your operating money is coming from - or how to find more. A business plan includes your marketing plan - and much more.

MARKETING TIP: In this economy, it is critical to develop a business plan. Use it for yourself - or to get a loan or grants. Potential investors will want to see one. Companies, attractions and festivals which have a viable business plan and follow it will stay focused and have a better chance of being around in years to come.

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