Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Festival Vendors Should Develop a Pre-Event Promotion Plan

A dip in temperatures is a sure sign that fall festivals are coming. They occur 'round the world and showcase food, craft, arts and entertainment. A festival can have more than 100 vendors total and upwards of 50 different entertainment acts.

Most of them depend upon the festival organizer to promote the event.

Well, listen up. Times have changed. Festival organizers no longer get cash sponsors and media sponsors want cash up front. The number of in-kind sponsors is dwindling. Festivals are having a tough time - and it's going to get worse.

But you can help. Vendors and entertainers should assume responsibility to help not only promote the event, but also use social networking sites to drive traffic to their booth or stage.

MARKETING TIP: Take ownership in your promotion. Don't depend upon others to do it for you. You'll go broke.

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