Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's Easy to Oversell

Have you ever gone to a restaurant, hotel, attraction or festival and walked away feeling empty or disappointed? Was it because the advertising and promotional material painted a much more glamorous picture for you? This is called simply "overselling."

Customers want you to be truthful with them. So, if you don't have a chef in the kitchen, don't say you do. If you have a hotel and want to show your best room, by all means do show it! But make sure it looks the biggest so people wanting a smaller room will know they'll be getting less than what they see in the photo. If it takes 90 minutes to walk around your attraction, don't say it's an all-day experience. If you don't really have a solid estimate on the number of people attending your festival, don't say an outrageously high number. If your facility is too difficult for persons with disabilities to get around, then don't show them in your pictures and talk about the physical challenges - distance, hills, walking paths, etc.

MARKETING TIP: Be honest with your customers. Be up front with what people will experience. UNDERSELLING is much better than OVERSELLING of any destination or product. You always want your customer to feel more than satisfied.

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