Sunday, February 7, 2010

Promoting Museums

A really good way to promote your museum is through programming. And, unlike most curators will tell you, you don't have to focus your event upon the artifacts.
A museum can be turned into a community hub and a revenue source, particularly in small towns. Programming may pertain to community events, history, geographic location, bingo, crafts, natural resources, photos, how-to classes - and none of those may have anything to do with the actual purpose of the museum.
By diversifying your programming, you can reach out to a multitude of people who would never be caught dead in your museum. Why? They may not get into what your facility is all about. It may be boring to them. A nice benefit is that you can increase your financial coffers - charge for selected programs. Run to the bank!
MARKETING TIP: Spruce up your programming. Offer topics outside the focus of your museum. Oh, be sure to invite the public!

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