Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Check Your Email Accounts: Are they working?

I feel I must share a personal learning experience in case this may apply to you. I have three email accounts and didn't realize for three months that one of them wasn't working. They all come straight into my Outlook.
People had told me that they were emailing me at the correct addresses, but I wasn't getting the email. Yesterday, I found out why.
I am highly embarrassed to tell you, but the email address that wasn't working was the one on my business cards. Something had happened on Nov. 2, 2009 and all of the email addresses to one of the three accounts were stuck on the server - never getting to my computer. So I went into TOOLS and saw only two accounts. I called Go Daddy, who has my domain name, and we quickly added the third back into where it was supposed to be.
MARKETING TIP: If you are using more than one email account and they all come into a central point, periodically double-check to make sure they're working.

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