Monday, April 27, 2009

Purchase and Use More than One Domain

How many domains does your organization own? One? Two? Five? Ten? More? Why would you want to own more than one?

People get very confused when I ask this question because they think that you need a Website for every domain you own. They also feel they can't afford to purchase more than one - and they don't understand the benefit of having multiple domains.

Here's how it works ..... You have your regular Website. You point, or redirect, all the others to it. So you only have 1 actual Website. Then you track, through your Google Analytics or similar program, how many hits each site is getting.

Say you're a hotel with a fishing area, church retreat and a major highway nearby. Name each of your domains to match those areas. You may have, and If people search for fishing holes, then your site pops up. One click and visitors are at your site. By tracking, you determine which of those three areas pulls more inquiries to your area. And the cost can run around $10 a year for the domain name. Pennies.

MARKETING TIP: Use more than one domain name to promote your festival or attraction and keep an eye on the analytics.

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