Thursday, April 23, 2009

Networking Outside Your Area

Chambers of commerce and local professional organizations provide a great platform for you to network your services, festival and products. However, do you ever reach outside of your geographic region to network? Often there are professional organizations specializing in your field, and you may not be aware of them.

I attended a chamber meeting in my town and met two women who are in the agritourism industry, but were unaware of the agritourism association in my state. I am a member and told them about the organization and what it does. Still, they asked why they should join. I explained the opportunities to keep abreast of legislation, new technologies, new marketing strategies and more that they could use as a resource.

MARKETING TIP: Expand your networking efforts outside your geographic region. It will help you with professional development and connect you with others who can help you with your festival or event.

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