Friday, March 27, 2009

When Sales are Down, Increase the Budget!

Despite the recession and the weakened dollar, European nations are pumping energy into their tourism promotional efforts. Shermans' Travels announces the Red Tag Sale to London. Radio talk show personality Clark Howard lists bargains to Italy, France, Germany and England on his Website. My Google Alerts indicate that nations worldwide are concerned about their tourism business - and are pumping money into it.

And your organization should too. So often, when sales are down, companies cut out the marketing and advertising budget. WRONG. That's the time to place a lot more emphasis on promotion to build an awareness - thus increasing sales.

Marketing Tip: Regardless of your organization's income, now is the time to really get the message out about your festival, event, attraction or destination. If you don't have the money, network on line and with other organizations. Utilize your local tourism office's resources. By all means, don't cut out your promotional efforts!

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