Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bad Economy=Good Time for Product Development

Now is a great time in the tourism industry for attractions, communities, states and nations to review what their tourism assets are - and create new ones. The bad economy isn't going to last forever. And when it bounces back, people will want to spread their wings and breathe.

Yes, I firmly believe that. No, the world won't be the same. It will be different - and so now is a great time to create something new.

Look at it this way - a theme park always has to have a new roller coaster. That's just life. Does your community, state or nation have any new attractions? Are they for adults or children? Do you have a youth council involved in your tourism efforts? If not, now is a great time to build those partnerships that can result in new tourism assets.

Marketing Tip: Seize the opportunity to develop new tourism partnerships and products to sell.

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